Meet the Team

Michael Burgess - Drop Zone Owner (DZO)

16,800+ Total Jumps
Tandem Instructor
Accelerated Free Fall Instructor
Static Line Instructor
Master Parachute Rigger
Safety and Training Advisor
PRO Rated
Commercial Pilot

Kevin Ewanow - Chief Instructor/GM

Accelerated Free Fall Instructor
Tandem Instructor
Safety and Training Advisor

Kevin is a lifelong resident of the Rochester area, with his wife Heather, and started his skydiving career over 25 years ago. Kevin took a long hiatus from skydiving while he focused on a career in law enforcement. There he became a multi-rated instructor, teaching recruits and veteran officers alike. Kevin rediscovered his love of skydiving during Skydive CNY's second season. Since that time, Kevin retired from local law enforcement and has brought his teaching skills to a new career in skydiving here at Skydive CNY. Kevin now loves to share the experience and thrill of skydiving, by training those who want to find that same passion for the sky.

Jon Drucker - Commercial Pilot

Jon grew up in Syracuse, New York and has always had a passion for aviation. He got his private pilot certificate in 2003, and later went on to get his instrument rating and commercial certificate. Outside of flying, he enjoys mountain biking and running a small freelance web development company. His end goal is to move to either the airlines or charters. In the meantime he's having a blast dropping people out of planes, while trying to make the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Luke "Cupcake" Weaver

Accelerated Free Fall Instructor
Tandem Instructor
Video Editor

Luke grew up in Central New York, studying Digital Animation and Graphic Design in college. When he did his first tandem jump he immediately fell in love with the sport. Not wanting to sit inside a studio staring at a computer screen all day he decided to leave that industry and has made skydiving his full time career and has traveled all over the US working in skydiving centers around Florida and Nevada as well.

Jeni Burgess - Office Manager

Bio coming soon.

Kelly Corcoran

Accelerated Free Fall Instructor
Tandem Instructor
Senior Rigger

I am a big fan of living life to the fullest and have no interest sitting behind a desk.

I have been skydiving over 18 years and have almost 10,000 jumps. I started working professionally as a skydive photographer, and after approximately 1,500 jumps I earned my Tandem and Accelerated Freefall Rating. I am also an FAA senior rigger. I have worked for skydive centers in California and Nevada for most of my career. I love teaching and introducing people to the sport and lifestyle of skydiving.

My second love of life is for the ocean and sailing. I also have earned my Coast Guard 50 ton Master Captains license and started my own sailboat charter business in the Caribbean.

I am back with friends at Skydive CNY to have the best of both worlds. Skydiving over the beautiful Central New York countryside in the summer and sailing the warm Caribbean in the winter.

Jeremy Trillaud

Video Editior
Ground Support

Jeremy has a love for adventure and a passion to learn; learning to skydive right here in Weedsport 3 years ago. This is his second year now working as a packer and video editor. He hopes to get his Coach Rating this summer so he can continue jumping and pass on what he has learned so far. If Jeremy is not working you can usually find him fun jumping or doing something outdoors on his free time. On the off-season he enjoys working at Bristol Mountain skiing and snowboarding all winter. "Skydive all summer and snowboard all winter. Life is great!"

Larry Olivia - Commercial Pilot

Larry is a local commercial rated pilot who also calls Whitford's Airport home. He started flying at a small private turf strip not far from Whitford's in a Piper Cub J-5 at the age of 12 and was hooked. He had to spend hours mowing the runway to get time in the air. Many years later Larry finished his Private and Instrument ratings at Whitford's airport under the instructional supervision of Mr. John Whitford II, flying a Cessna 172. Larry also has a Multi-Engine Rating, and spends time flying tail-wheel aircraft as well. In the near future he would like to add a CFI certificate and a Seaplane rating to his list of credentials. Larry is also the AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer for Whitford's Airport.

Tim Young

Video Editor
Ground Support

Bio Coming Soon

Steve Shelton - Commercial Pilot

Steve started flying with his father when he was 6 years old. His father was a commercial pilot who flew for Buckeye Aviation. His Mother was also an Aviator. Steve began training at Bill Law Aviation in 1993.

In 2007 he attended ATP flight training based in Jacksonville FL where he obtained his:
Instrument rating.
Multi-engine rating
Commercial pilot
Flight instructor single engine
Flight instructor multi-engine.

Alex Torea - Commercial Pilot

Alex is from Aurora, New York and spent his childhood flying with his grandfather. He first soloed at age 15 and earned his private pilot's license at age 18 from his grandfather who also served as his CFI. Since then he has earned a bachelor's degree in visual arts and graphic design and started a side business in aerial photography. Alex has always been passionate about flying and is now pursuing a career in aviation where he hopes to join the regional airlines. Alex recently obtained his instrument rating and is after his multi-engine rating next. His love for aviation drives him to want to know and experience it all! His goal is to provide a safe and smooth ride for the skydivers so they have the best experience ever!

Jeff "Fluffy" Whitt

Jeff Whitt, also known as "Fluffy", He grew up in central Ohio where he began jumping 7 years ago. With over 7000 jumps, he has achieved status as an AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Tandem Examiner, Coach Examiner, and FAA Senior Rigger. During his skydiving career he graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor in Business Administration majoring in Accounting. His decision to pursue skydiving instead of accounting was due to the overwhelming love of the sport and the unappealing prospect of sitting behind an accountant's desk all day. He enjoys helping individuals who are ambitious about the sport improve their skills so they can become better skydivers and instructors. He hopes his contribution to the skydiving industry will help improve the quality of skydivers and instructors around the country.

Waldo Moore - Commercial Pilot

Bio coming soon

Scott Haynes

Video Editor
Ground Support

Spending his summers in the Adirondacks hiking, biking, and mountain climbing, Scott developed a love for the outdoors and an active lifestyle at a young age. While quite contentedly pursuing a bachelor's in English and working full time at a local pharmacy, Scott tried skydiving for the first time and immediately fell in love with it. Three years later and it's only getting more fun for him as he has recently began to focus on wing-suits, which adds an amazing element to the sport. He hopes to begin to work towards his coach and instructional ratings in the near future, all while having as much fun as possible in the sky.You can usually find him on weekends lying in the sun immersed in an over sized novel as he waits for a parachute to need packing, or his turn to get on a load.

Brian Corley - Commercial Pilot

Brian grew up in Roselle, NJ and started flying in 2003. He Graduated with his Bachelors in Aviation & Flight Technology from Utah Valley University. After school Brian decided to put his flight career on hold in order to serve in the U.S. Army on active duty. Embracing his time deployed and the awesome experience of brotherhood, he says that made him more humble and focused. Continuing on his quest to be the best aviator possible, Brian continues to be a small voice in aviation and tries to pass along his knowledge of flight to any and everyone. He also says that he would like to hold every flight certificate possible including his seaplane rating. Brian is a goal-oriented pilot with aspirations to fly as a captain for Delta Airlines or FedEx one day. But before any of that takes place, Brian came to us and said "Man you guys look like you are having a lot of FUN and I really want to be a part of it!" So it's been great to have him apart of our team!
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